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Code de certificat FSC: GFA-COC-002453-E

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C113482

Ciret Benelux N.V.

Sint-Katelijnevest 61 bus 3
BE-2000 Antwerpen

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Sitemember Ciret GmbH


  • Pinceaux
  • Brosses
  • Manches en bois (brosses ou autre)

The Storch-Ciret Group produces and distributes high-quality painting tool systems for professional craftsmen and quality-minded home improvement enthusiasts. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing painting tools gives our customers a decisive edge. The Storch-Ciret Group’s tools, accessories and systems cover every step of the work process from preparation and material coating to work safety. These products are our solution for success in the trade and the retail market.

Our painting tools have helped to support professional craftsmen and the retail market for over 125 years. With our 1,400 employees in 17 countries, we generate an annual turnover just under 200 million euros. This makes us the number one on the painting tools market in Europe.