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Code de certificat FSC: SCS-COC-005219-MZ

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C008551

Daniel Fain & Co sa

Posthofbrug 6-8
2600 Antwerpen

Distributeur de papier


  • Carton graphique
  • Papier graphique (pour imprimeries)
  • Papier de base pour emballage
  • Carton ondulé
  • Papier d’emballage (nourriture et autres)

Founded in 1978, our passion for excellent service and innovative methods continues today.

Full of energy and new ideas, the members of our team consistently concentrate their efforts to allow us to introduce valuable paper and board suppliers from different parts of the world to customers in the European market

Our professional, conscientious team believes in providing both suppliers and customers with services that are personalised to fit their needs.

Our constant goal is the development of long-lasting relationships between mills and their customers.