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Code de certificat FSC: CU-COC-822525

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C114238

Demcopack Davis | Division of Gluecom NV

Waterstraat 6
9130 Lokeren

Production du papier

Wouter Taghon


  • Carton graphique
  • Papier de base pour emballage
  • Emballages en carton imprimés
  • Carton ondulé

Demcopack Davis is a specialized producer and supplier of industrial glues for end-of-line packaging solutions and paper & cardboard converting industries.

As a specialized JELLY GLUE producer, Demcopack has become the European reference in this niche segment, as well for its quality as in terms of volume. End products made of these glues are books, maps, puzzles, boxes, luxury packaging, etc.

Our plant in Lokeren is also equipped with an additional flexible installation to produce specialty DISPERSION GLUES, while our sister company Merckx, produces the larger dispersion volumes in Bruges.

Demcopack Davis also sells HEAT SEAL TAPE for strengthening cardboard boxes.

Demcopack Davis also focuses intensively on its DEMCOMELT HOTMELT RANGE (True Metalocene® & EVA). Our hotmelts are especially developed for end-of-line packaging applications in a wide variety of industries, including the graphic industry. Our aim is to offer our customers high quality, true metallocene ® and EVA solutions to their specific applications, whether it is frozen food, bag-in-box, confectionary, …