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Code de certificat FSC: BV-COC-151488-C

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C084648

Eurodividers sa

Z.I. d’Harchies
16 Rue de l'Industrie
7321 Bernissart

Emballages en carton/papier: production et/ou grossiste


  • Croisillons en carton
  • Plaques nid d'abeille en carton
  • Boîtes et emballages en carton
  • Emballages en carton non imprimés

Our protective packaging solutions are custom-made and made to order to best adapt to your technical requirements.

Our board divisions, also called separators, dividers or partitions, are the most economical and eco-friendly solution to seperate and/or protect your products during storage and transit. They are used in a large range of applications.

Honeycomb paperboard makes an excellent natural alternative to foam or expanded polystyrene. Honeycomb paperboard offers an outstanding combination of compression strength and crush absorption under shock stress, making it the perfect packaging solution to protect and brace home appliances during transport and storage.