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Code de certificat FSC: WB-COC-000796

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C012167

ITS Wood

Chaussée de Liège, 548

Exploitant forestier

Importation et/ou exportation de bois


  • Bois européen - grumes
  • Douglas
  • Epicea
  • Mélèze
  • Pin
  • Pin de Corse
  • Sapin (Abies spp)
  • Bois scié - feuillus tempérés
  • Chêne
  • Chêne d'Europe
  • Chêne d'Amérique
  • Frêne
  • Hêtre
  • Peuplier

We are a Belgian based company specialized in finding and supplying high grade logs & lumbers for veneer mills, sawmills and carpenters.

Since 10 years, we buy in Europe top grade quality wood for our customers near Belgium and in China, India and Vietnam.

We developed a wide range of activities like Wood for Energy and Forest management for the last few years.

We wish you a nice visit and hope we can start a long term relationship with you soon.