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Code de certificat FSC: BV-COC-039575-D

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C118489

LBD Belux

Boulevard de France 9 (Bât. A)
1420 Braine l’Alleud

Grossiste (diverse)

Sitemember LBD (La Brosse et Dupont )


  • Brosses
  • Manches en bois (brosses ou autre)

LBD is an independent French group that produces and distributes:

  • • Hair-styling tools and decorative accessories.
  • • Hair brushes, combs, and toiletry bags.
  • • Household brushes, rugs, and floor mops.
  • • Make-up products and cosmetic tools.
  • • Personal care products, bandages, and pedicure tools.
  • • Sewing accessories and tools.
  • • Insoles, laces, and footwear accessories.