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Code de certificat FSC: DNV-COC-000020-IF

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C015932

Lumipaper nv

Haven 1204
9130 Kallo

Production carton

Production du papier

Ivan Dedonder



Sitemember van Stora Enso Oyj, Paper - Finland


  • Papier graphique & papiers spéciaux
  • Carton graphique
  • Papier graphique (pour imprimeries)

​​​Lumi papers offer best-in-class functionality, sharpness, smoothness and whiteness. For applications with exceptionally high demands for strong impact, long-lasting impressions and impeccable quality, there is no better paper than Lumi. The most common end-uses requiring such performance are luxury magazines, books with intricate illustrations, high-end catalogues, annual reports, and art prints. Performing well with digital printing techniques as well, Lumi combines excellent production values with supreme versatility and flexibility in sheet fed offset printing. The Lumi product family consists of three products; LumiArt, LumiSilk and LumiForte.