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Code de certificat FSC: SCS-COC-005219-UB

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C008551

Microwood | WT+T bv

Begijnenmeers 44
1770 Liedekerke

Fabricant de produits en bois


  • Emballages en bois
  • Ustensiles maison, jardin et cuisine

The Original since 1955.
* 100% Wood
* Our Micro Veneer is 1/10 mm thin
* Extreme Flexible
* 70% handmade
* No water or chemicals are used during production (eco)
* 80% less losts then other woodprocesses

MicroWOOD® is a natural product and comes out of well managed forests.
Every piece is unique with it’s own individual structure, surface and colorpattern.

MicroWOOD® ist highly flexible and doesn’t break as all the other veneers.
Feel, touch and even smell the natural beauty of wood.

MicroWOOD® opens up a broad new field for you to explore.
It offers you a versatility to use natural, living wood as you never did before.