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Code de certificat FSC: SCS-COC-005219-ML

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C008551


Industrieweg 2093
3520 Zonhoven



  • Moulures
  • Frisettes/lambris
  • Sol intérieur
  • Construction
  • Portes
  • Portes extérieures
  • Portes intérieures
  • Portes coupe-feu
  • Fenêtres
  • Fenêtres extérieures
  • Fenêtres intérieures
  • Fenêtres maison passive
  • Portes de garage

You probably already know us as Ewitherm. But we chose to expand our product range with a clear focus on premium design, durability and sustainability. The last months we’ve been busy reinventing ourselves while using the temporary ‘Keblo’ name. But as of now, we are Mondian. And we’re proud to be the exclusive dealer for Ewitherm, Katzbeck and M SORA windows and doors.