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Code de certificat FSC: SQS-COC-100795-H

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C111262

Ravensburger ® | Ravensburger nv/sa

Brussels International Trade Mart
Atomiumsquare – W. Chicago 413
Box 357
1020 Brussel

Beschikbaar in veel speelgoedzaken of warenhuizen
Disponible dans de nombreux magasins de jouets ou supermarchés


  • Jouets
  • Jeux de société
  • Puzzles

Ravensburger is Europe’s leading manufacturer of puzzles, games and activity products, and the leading publisher of children’s and youth books in the German-speaking region. The blue triangle is one of the most renowned trademarks in Germany.

The company’s portfolio comprises around 8,500 different products (including all country-specific editions), which are sold world-wide and 85 % of which are manufactured in-house.