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Code de certificat FSC: SGSCH-COC-041022

Code de licence FSC : FSC-C103498


Rue du Rixhon 38
4920 HARZE

Exploitant forestier

Grossiste (diverse)

Benoit Bauwens




  • Copeaux ou particules de bois
  • Sciure
  • Grumes
  • Bois européen - grumes
  • Co-produits issus de la transformation du bois & recyclage

Sapin was created on May 15th, 1986.
The main goal of Sapin is to guarantee the supply and sufficient stock of quality spruce wood as well as the supply of poplar wood for Sappi Lanaken.

Over the years, apart from its role of purchaser of wood for paper, Sapin also turned to sales transactions for round timber, chips or derived products for third parties both in Belgium and EEC countries.

In February 1999, Sapin invested in trucks to perform part of the transport of chips from sawmills to papermills and the transport of mill waste to third parts.